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About Me

“I believe that we all have dreams and want to believe that deep inside our souls we have a special gift and are here in this earth for something bigger. I believe that the size of that dream, desire or goal doesn’t matter if that is also what you truly believe deep down inside. When is your calling, you know it. I believe that we are all here to make a difference, that all of us have special gift to offer to this world, that we can touch other people in special ways so that we can all make this world a better place. I believe that true happiness starts when everything we do, think and feel comes from a place of gratitude and contribution, not acquisition.” – Carlos Siqueira

Brief Biography

“Anything is possible in life if you don’t quit.”

Carlos Siqueira is an One of Kind Inspirational Speaker, Investor, Social Media Influencer, and Business Acceleration Strategist, known internationally as the “Mentor that assists you getting it done.” He is behind some of the best coaches, consultants, experts, and speakers in the world. He began his career at age 7—selling his mother’s bread on the streets of Northern Brazil —and rose to become a number one top selling sales executive and trainer/mentor for Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. He helped Xfinity, formerly known as Comcast sell over a Billion dollars of services between himself and the people he trained.

He is the author of the incredible bestselling book, Work Like An Immigrant: 9 keys to unlock your potential, attain true fulfillment, and build your legacy today. After achieving his own dreams, he now mentors other entrepreneurs, public figures, network marketers, coaches, consultants, authors, thought leaders, and speakers worldwide to create theirs. His focus is accelerated “Message-to-Market-Match™” to get your brand attention; so you can compress the sales cycle and get clients on autopilot making your competition irrelevant. Carlos is all about finding ways to help you disrupt the status quo, going against the norm to create a legacy faster and to live an extraordinary quality of life. With his unique blend of real-world experience, business insight, high energy and contagious good humor, Carlos helps others achieve personal and professional success and fulfillment they once barely dared to dream! Tony Robbins himself, says on record, if there is one person in the world to give him a run for his money, is Carlos Siqueira.

The best place to start learning from Carlos Siqueira is with his one of kind inspiring book “Work Like An Immigrant” and his free course 5 Keys to Unlock the Laws of Attraction. In just 5 short videos, Carlos reveals 5 valuable techniques that instantly bring more joy, passion, and opportunity to your life. Click the button below for free access