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    "If you don't quit, you will succeed. All you want is on the opposite side of your comfort zone. A true mentor and friend will tell you what you should hear, not what you want to hear." - Carlos Siqueira

    You got speak life into others when they don't see it. During good and tough times. Especially when things are doing good because human beings tend to become content, and not really exploring becoming their true potential. You got prepare for the bad times so when bad things happen, you won't go into a reactive mode. You got be on the top of your game for your family, and your business to grow constant in the competitive world where we live in. It was an honor for me to be mentored by Les Brown and Tony Robbins in person three decades later after my grandma spoke life into me quoting Les Brown words after she heard me telling her that I almost ended my life. I have been mentored by a lot of amazing leaders and movers and shakers worldwide. I'll never forget when Les Brown told me, "I see greatness in you, Carlos. Stay hungry." Those was the exact words my grandma used to tell me when I was a kid and wanted to quit. I remember thanking Les a few weeks later after being on stage with Tony Robbins and telling both of them the story. I thought it was a dream coming through thanking both of them for raising the standard on all they do and speaking life into others when they don't see it.


    That was part of what motivated me to continue honing my craft as an inspirational speaker and to constant strive to become the best mentor anyone could ever have to help them also achieve their dreams and desires.


    I now travel around the country (and around the world) speaking to thousands of leaders, clients, and students every year.


    You got to hone in your message. You can build a great company earning six figures in your business as many as the people we mentor worldwide do just by building a inspiring presentation from the stage or through social media.


    Whether you're looking to supercharge your sales team, get the most out of your employees, or boost the atmosphere of your organization, we can help you.


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    Then, let's get on the phone to discuss how to supercharge yourself and your team, get you on track to produce out-of-this-world results, and build memories you and your team will never forget.


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  • Accelerated-Performance Speed To Profit
    Mentoring and Consulting

    "I will never take you to a place I haven't been." - Carlos Siqueira

    My personal development journey is already over 25 years long and continues every day. In the last 3 years alone, I spent over a half million dollars to learn the latest and greatest cutting edge tools out there, so I can share the very best of what I learn with my clients and students.


    Working on and mastering my mindset took me from a poor boy in Brazil to a successful executive, speaker, trainer, and mentor for leaders starting a new business to Fortune 500 companies.


    I combine my three decades of personal wisdom learned the hard way with an endless study of the best training programs, coaches, mentors, and masterminds all around the world.


    As an Accelerated Performance consultant and mentor, I've gotten results for entrepreneurs and business owners in dozens of niches globally, including doctors, coaches, consultants, speakers, athletes, lawyers, celebrities, and everything in between.


    I Specialize in helping coaches, speakers and consultants scaling their businesses by showing them:

    • HOW To move into hundreds and even thousands of new markets with a highly leveraged ROIT (Return-On-Invested-Time) coaching business? 
    • HOW To Dominate your own market place? 
    • HOW To Create a Killer coaching business from stage? 
    • HOW To Create your own private business acceleration mentoring program? 
    • HOW To Create a perfect, scientifically based, message-to-market match? 
    • HOW To Re-engineer your competitive advantage leveraging momentum for both your personal and company brand as the undisputed industry standard through an entrepreneurial certification and co-branding programs?
    • HOW To Become the Expert Advisor in your industry, and stand apart from all the noise on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Amazon?
    • How to take your everyday advice and sell it as a $5K to $25K product or service, and Why you need to leverage your business, and Much, much more?


    If you're looking to Re-engineer your competitive advantage leveraging momentum for both your personal and company brand

    or in case you are an entrepreneur looking to up your productivity and focus so you can scale your business and experience joy rising to higher levels never experienced before, let's talk.


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  • Accelerated-Performance
    Speed To Profit Group Mentoring

    “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
    – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

    Are you a coach or consultant who isn't dominating your marketplace and would like to reverse that situation by move into hundreds and even thousands of new markets with a highly leveraged ROIT (Return-On-Invested-Time) coaching business?


    Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, or executive with a sales team that needs to perform to keep your doors open?


    Are you an individual struggling with your health, mindset, or relationships? Have you felt stuck for a long time with nowhere to go?


    Do you want to become more productive, influential, and successful?


    If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we NEED to talk.


    For years, I've been helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and regular people just like YOU break through to the next level of joy, power, and achievement.


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