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    "I learned every lesson I'm about to teach you the hard way, so YOU don't have to!"


    "Siqueira gives readers tools they can use to change their own lives. He teaches them how to emphasize their strengths and listen to their inner positive warrior. Negative thoughts only serve to distract and impede. A successful person focuses on positivity. Siqueira gives readers the tools needed to build a better life for themselves and a new way of rethinking about the challenges they face."

  • From Dodging Bullets To Bulletproofing Your Why

    Learn the very same strategies that took me from selling bread on the streets of Brazil so my mom could pay bills...   To a successful executive, speaker, trainer, and coach!

    No matter what you are afraid of.


    No matter how much you doubt you can get from where you are right now to where you want to be.


    No matter what hardships you are going through or criticisms you have ringing in your ears.


    What was once a dormant fire in your belly, whispering at you about your situation...


    Is now a full-on raging inferno, pushing you to do whatever it takes to achieve the success you deserve.


    From Dodging Bullets To Bulletproofing Your Why is a roadmap you can follow to shortcut your success.


    It's jam-packed with over 20 years of wisdom, learned on my journey from a poor kid in Brazil to living the American Dream on my terms.


    This training dives deep into your subconscious...


    Enhancing your state of mind, organizing your thoughts, prioritizing your goals, and showing you how to achieve these goals.


    That's how you help yourself, help others, and eventually change the world.


    I've taught these exact techniques to thousands of students and clients as a speaker and coach.


    I want you to learn them too...right now. Today.


    That's why I put together a 75% off sale on this training.


    Normally it's $397, but today you can get it for just $100.


    Here's how.




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    Act now.


    The secrets to bridging the gap—going from where you are now to where you want to be—are anxiously waiting to be implanted in your subconscious inside this training program.


    And right now you can get them for the price of a coffee a day at Starbucks.


    What's worth more to you? Starbucks or success?


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  • 5 Keys to Unlock the Laws of Attraction

    This free training is perfect for anyone struggling with negative outcomes in their life, in need of a push to get going, or battling to be a better person

    "The only limits that exist are the ones we create inside our own mind. Fear is an invisible force. Don't let it dictate your life. Control the pink rubber inside your head and life will never be the same."


    The 5 Keys to Unlock the Laws of Attraction free training was created to help people and entrepreneurs skyrocket their joy while discovering new ways to overcome challenges and meet goals.


    These strategies are not theory. All the wisdom in this course was learned the hard way.


    Growing up in Brazil, I faced dangerous situations daily and encountered death many times.


    When I was an infant, my father was killed in a car explosion.


    When I was seven I got robbed at gunpoint.


    When I moved to America I wound up in the middle of a sniper's rampage in Washington D.C.


    But these hardships each taught a valuable lesson and helped push me to keep improving myself.


    I still improve myself—getting my own training, coaching, and masterminds.


    And I put some of the best things I have ever learned—either from my own experiences or my expert coaches and mentors...


    Into this free course.


    These 5 short videos will help you reach your full potential.

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