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    • HOW To Create a Killer coaching business from stage? 
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    • How to take your everyday advice and sell it as a $5K to $25K product or service, and Why you need to leverage your business, and Much, much more?

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    These courses contain over 25 years of personal knowledge learned the hard way, along with wisdom from mentors like

    Tony Robbins, and Les Brown among many others creating massive change globally. 


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    Consulting and Board of Advisory Legacy building systems


    In our company, we Love working with entrepreneurs, service providers, coaches and consultants that love giving back, contributing for a better world and who wants to scale or build a Legacy so they can achieve the success they deserve.


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  • About Carlos

    Born in Brazil, Carlos started his entrepreneurial career at 7 years old, selling bread to help his mother pay bills. At 18 years old, Carlos and his mother immigrated to the United States with only $800 between them. He overcame numerous challenges, eventually becoming a top sales executive for Fortune 100 company. Then one day a personal incident caused him to quit his job, and start down the path of high-performance speaker, trainer, and coach, helping his clients achieve the results they had previously only dreamed about.

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